Cd. Juarez and El Paso have for a long time been a state of mind for me. I landed in the region for the first time in December of 1987 to attend UTEP. Over the years, I have left and returned over and over again, staying a few years at a time before leaving again, often for career reasons, but sometimes to just strike out in a different direction. The weird thing is that I always misremember what I love and hate most about this place (mostly love, though). Hence, the cycle of leaving and returning starts all over again. 

The idea of this blog was originally to write nostalgia pieces about my Juarez adventures of about 30 years ago. But time has erased most of those memories, and good sense has kept me from sharing the rest. So, I’ll write about other stuff instead, much of it related in some way to my law practice.

Special appreciation to James Magee, who knows what I’m talking about and shares the same sentiments in his own unique way.

David Wilton